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Devotional "Meditation"

"Chestnuts on an open fire" or A Christmas Meditation! Psalm 39:3-4 (Amplified Version) "3. My heart was hot within me. While I was musing the fire burned; Then I spoke with my tongue: 4 “Lord, let me know my [life’s] end And [to appreciate] the extent of my days; Let me know how frail I am [how transient is my stay here]. As you may know - I am not necessarily "orthodox" in a traditional way of worship and meditation. The word "spiritual" does not necessarily mean a lot to me, I truly believe ALL who believe are followers of Jesus ... no matter what your Christ-centered community of believers might be. I read this - this week, "Christianity is not just loving Jesus, but loving Judas too". The Psalmist in the scripture above - is meditating, not just worshiping. In his meditation - as he listens to God .. he realizes that life is so temporary and accepts his fragility as a strength NEEDED in life - for proper perspective. He discovers that feeling alone - incapable - inadequate - even hurt and failure can be mere signs of strength not weakness - because God gets bigger as we get smaller. So, we begin to ask not just for understanding or escape but rather ask God to fill our vacancy with His presence - in our short and fragile journey here.. For instance, we find ourselves understanding and loving those we may not even like or care for - and compassion begins to take control - and becomes a great equalizer in balancing our lives. Circumstances should be considered here too. Those who know me - know that I love meditating with "country music" and transposing/transferring the meaning toward my love for God as well as all others. I memorized the words below by Don Williams and sang this to Dolores while she had COVID ... Meditation puts our lives in perspective. Perhaps this "exercise" will bear witness to that! Holding the hand of someone you love or all alone, I would encourage you to "muse" as you listen to this song ( )

Please send me an email to comment on this devotional or if you would like to accept Christ as your personal Savior - Thank you!
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