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"The Lord's Prayer?"


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Alto Faith Bible Church - Pastor Gary Title: "The Lord's Prayer?" The Lord's Prayer? The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray .... All of the Rabbis in the time of Christ taught their flock or Jewish community a prayer - just for them. So, Jesus starts with "Our Father" ... this is the first time God was EVER addressed as Father, this was definitely "their Prayer" - but new light had come to followers of Jesus ... God was their Father. The Greek word for Father here is Abba (Although Jesus was probably teaching in Aramaic ... even among Arabs they still use the word "yabba" which actually means in English, as it does in original manuscripts - DADDY ... ) Paul addressed the Father this way in Romans 8 ... "abba Father" or "daddy .. daddy"" .. a very close and intimate way of addressing God ... our Father. The Lord's Prayer ... could probably accurately be called "Our Prayer" .. or the "Disciples' Prayer" ... it is first and foremost the model prayer ... A Roman Emperor, after conquering an enemy army marched them down the streets of a prominent Roman city ... the crowd cheered as he rode on a chariot ... his little son was on a platform reserved just for Royalty .. so he ran through the crowd and a soldier stopped him .. saying "you cannot touch the Emperor!" The boy said "he might be your Emperor - but he is MY DADDY" ... !! God the Father, affectionately is our "daddy". Much could be said about this model prayer that Jesus taught us .. I will jump to the phrase though ... "Give US this day our daily bread" ... Christ never uses I, My, or Me in this prayer .. and when He prays for provisions ... we are taught to pray for OUR provisions, that we may share with those who are less fortunate! A good illustration of this is John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. He lived and preached around the time America was fighting for their independence in the 1700's .. but history records that Wesley preached 3 times every day - rode a horse 60 to 70 miles a day ... his salary started at 30 pounds a year .. but he lived on 28 pounds a year .. his salary was raised yearly .. until it reached 120 pounds .... but he always lived on 28 pounds a year and gave the rest to the needy - he died at around 84 years old with only 5 pounds to his name! I do hope we have learned a little from "Our Prayer" or more commonly known as the "Lord's Prayer" .... Maybe I will write more on "Our Prayer" ... soon .. much can be said..

Please send me an email to comment on this devotional or if you would like to accept Christ as your personal Savior - Let me know! :) - Thank you!
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