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Devotional "The End Of The Line"


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Christmas Devotional "The End Of The Line" Of all the cities, towns, villages, and wide spots in the road - in the world - Fishhook, Illinois has a special place in the heart of all those who have lived there. Fishhook is a small community in Central Illinois. Over the years when asked where I was from I have answered "Fishhook, Illinois" and sometimes I have added, "it's the end of the line". In chapter 2 of the gospel of Matthew we read " ..Wise Men (Magi) came from the East to Jerusalem asking "Where is He that is born King of the Jews?" The Wise Men after traveling many miles, for months, from a distant land, not being from the "mainstream" Israelites - came to "the end of the line" and found the King of the Jews - Jesus - the Savior of the world. Some observations about the "Wise Men" who actually found the King of the Jews: There were possibly around 12 Wise Men. They were wealthy. After enduring months of discomfort and difficult travel, they found Christ. Jesus Christ is our most precious relationship. The path to the Savior was from information received from a pagan ruler, whose interest was opposite from the Wise Men. Herod the ruler wanted to find Jesus to kill Him. The Wise Men wanted to find Jesus to worship Him. It is important for us to realize that evil is powerless against the will and plan of God. Furthermore, the Wise Men were from a land far from Israel. They were probably Medes (as in Medes and Persians), possibly a remnant from the Babylonian captivity who remained faithful to God, devoted to the scriptures they had, even though they were incomplete. They were faithful and determined to find the Messiah - and God guided them. Even though we might feel at times we have little to go on, as far as finding God, when the Wise Men found themselves in that situation ....... God gave them a STAR !!! And you are just as IMPORTANT as any Wise Man! Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart"

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