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Devotional "The Why Of Life"

Pastor Gary Faith Bible Church Alto, Michigan The "WHY" Of Life The "WHY" of life ... begins with understanding that God is absolutely in charge of everything. We all realize there is both good and evil in the world. Then comes the story of Job with this verse in the middle of a discussion Satan is having with God. Satan says "if you allow me to take everything Job has - he will curse you". Long story short, God had FAITH in Job (we normally refer to our faith in God) - that he would persevere and love and trust God no matter what circumstances arose! This happened TWICE and the scripture says "in all this Job sinned not nor charged God foolishly (Job 1 & 2). Nothing happens on earth unless God allows it. We are taught mainly about our faith in God but what about God's confidence in us? Theologians call remaining faithful - perseverance! Perseverance is what I call the "WHY" of life. The scripture clearly teaches that there is a spiritual warfare since the fall of Adam and Eve. Paul says "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers - and the rulers of the darkness of this world". Satan, since the war in heaven with God (Rev 12, Isa 12-14) has tried to destroy everything God has created, including His Church. The "WHY" of life - as I call it - again is the perseverance of Christians. When they fall they get up. When they sin - they ask for forgiveness! They may falter and have setbacks but they never give up their faith! Henceforth, our faith builds God's confidence in us. We give glory to God when "staying the course". But why do we have to put up with the devil and all his attemps to persuade us to turn from God? Why is Satan allowed to work at all? Why does God tolerate Satan and his work? Because God "cannot be tempted with evil, neither can He tempt any man" (James 1:13) . God is glorified in the presence of evil/Satan when we CHOOSE God/good over Satan/evil. God will never tempt you towards evil - Satan will - as we define our allegiance to the God of the Bible through perseverance [not giving up/getting up when we fall/continuing to walk with God]. Satan's power will end. May our focus be on our Eternal God who is in absolute control!!

Please send me an email to comment on this devotional or if you would like to accept Christ as your personal Savior - Thank you!
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