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Stoney-Wolf Productions  Jim Shockey's Most Dangerous Hunts Video - DVD

Stoney-Wolf Productions Jim Shockey's Most Dangerous Hunts Video - DVD

Hosted by professional hunter Jim Shockey Features dangerous, life-threatening hunts Charging Elephants, Rogue Bears, Menacing Lions, Buffalo and More! Beware the danger zone as professional hunter Jim Shockey takes you to the ragged edge of big game hunting adventure. This is where one misstep could cost you your life. Have you ever been eye-to-eye with an aggressive black bear? Has that bear stood on its hind legs and glared deep into your soul? Have you been charged by an enraged African elephant and tried to stand your ground? What about Black Death, the Cape Buffalo in the deadly long grass of the Dark Continent? Have you ventured into the tall grass after a wounded buff? Or have you heard the Killer of the Kikumba lion, a confirmed man-eater, roar while you hide inside a tiny portable blind in the dark? Have you huddled in a frozen igloo when the sled dogs screamed with wild barks as a hungry polar bear comes to eat whatever it can find? Can you survive the world's most dangerous hunts? Come along and watch, and imagine yourself staring death in the eye. 93 minutes.

Gary's first Eastern Turkey. Gotten by "ambush" !

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