Make Sure The Bucks Have What They Love - Acorns! [crushed] - NEAR YOUR HUNTING BLIND !!!
"It's Your Turn To Get The Big One !!"

Wildgame Innovations? Acorn Rage? Deer Attractant

Wildgame Innovations! Acorn Rage ! Deer Attractant !

Acorns are the most effective deer attractant in nature. This unique blend makes it possible to use real acorns all year long. Combines crushed acorns with a special oil enriched with roasted soybean meal in a sophisticated expelling extrusion process. It's not a flavoring, scent, or aroma, but actual real acorns. 5.5 lbs.

Need A Great 42mm Red-Dot Scope? Take A Look At The Barska Below
42mm Red-Dot Scope

42mm Red-Dot Scope

The Barska? 1 x 42 Red Dot riflescope showcases 11 selectable rheostat adjustments for variable brightness, backgrounds and climate conditions. Achieve pinpoint accuracy against a target, with wide field of view and unlimited eye relief.

Hank Parker's Recommendation - C'mere Deer !!

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It works !
C'Mere 1,C'Mere,1,Gallon,Accessories,OUTDOORS,C'Mere Accessories,C'Mere OUTDOORS C'Mere 1/2 Gallon Liquid

Gett'em Close !
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They'll eat it !
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C'mere Deer !


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